NEC report: 1 year in – February 2014

You can take a look at the work I did in February in my latest NEC report: February NEC report Bex Bailey.

 It’s been a year since I was elected to the Labour Party’s NEC and I wanted to share with you an overview of the work that I’ve been doing and my plans for the next year: 1 year on the NEC – Bex Bailey.

Over the past year I’ve spoken up for young members regularly on the NEC and the NPF and will continue to ensure that your voices are heard at the top table. 


  • One of my key pledges was to hold the first ever Young Labour Women’s Conference. I’m proud that last year Young Labour not only did this, but that, working with our liberation officers, we were able to hold our first ever Young Labour BAME, disabled members and LGBT conferences as well. These events saw lots of new people participating and I’ll make sure that they are held on an annual basis from now on.
  • I ensured that our recent party reforms were inclusive of young people. I lobbied Ed Miliband and Ray Collins to make sure that our young members, supporters and trade unionists would have a vote in any future leadership elections and primaries, even if they were too young to be on the electoral register. I raised the point at NEC meetings and ensured that the Collins Review was amended to reflect this.
  • I’ve been helping to organise the Labour 3 Seats Challenge events, which have seen more people campaigning in our key marginal seats.
  • I pledged to reform Young Labour’s policy-making process and, having spoken to lots of members and taken into account feedback from previous events, we’ve done just that. I’d like us to build on this to further improve the process for the next conference.
  • As promised during my election campaign, I’ve worked with the Chair of Young Labour to organise youth officer training outside of London and I’ve regularly visited CLPs to support our excellent youth officers.


  • I’ve been on Radio 4 to talk about the importance of young people voting and have written numerous articles about engaging young people and campaign strategy.
  • I’ve been working to get more young trade unionists joining the Labour Party, and more Young Labour members joining trade unions, through speaking at trade union events and encouraging members to join, and I will continue to do this.
  • I’ve represented young people at many of our major conferences, speaking up for you:
    • Association of Labour Councillors conference
    • Labour Women’s Network’s Northern Conference
    • Progress’ Winning with Women Conference
    • TUC Young Members’ Conference
    • General Federation of Trade Unions Young Members’ Conference
    • East Midlands Young Labour Conference
    • London Young Labour Conference
    • Young Labour Women’s Conference
    • Events at annual conference
    • Labour Students Conference
    • Labour Students National Council
    • I’ve chaired our National Young Labour Conference
    • In May I will be speaking at UNISON’s young members’ conference


  • I’ve been working with young members across the country to set up Young Labour groups in our 106 target seats. I’ve also been speaking at lots of CLP meetings and encouraging them to do the same. I will continue to do this, so please get in touch if you’d like me to come and speak at one of your CLP meetings.
  • I’ve helped to organise regular Young Labour campaign days in marginal seats and will continue to do this right up until the general election. I get out campaigning as often as I can, visiting by-elections and marginal seats across the country, from Dunfermline to Dover, and will continue to be a campaigning NEC rep.


  • Working with our Women’s Officer, I will set up a Young Labour Women’s Mentoring Scheme to get more young women involved in the party who haven’t yet taken their first steps.
  • I’ll continue to push for selection procedures that are more accessible to those from all backgrounds, and particularly to women, BAME, disabled and LGBT members. I want to see changes that prevent open selections being seen as “men’s seats” and the re-instatement of the rule that ensures a BAME person is shortlisted in every selection.
  • I’m working to ensure that women’s safety in the party is always a top priority and that people know how to report any concerns and what will happen if they do.
  • Now that the party reforms have passed, it’s important that all parts of the party are reaching out into our communities to make them work. I’ll ensure that we’re signing up lots of young people as supporters and trade union affiliates of the party.
  • Our priority needs to be winning the next general election. I’ll continue to work with Labour Students and Young Labour to organise lots of joint campaign days for our members and get as many people out on the doorstep as possible. I’ll continue to support existing and help to create new Young Labour groups and college and university Labour clubs to build our activist base ahead of the election.

I’m hugely grateful to everyone who supported me during my election and who has supported me since, and I look forward to meeting and working with even more people over the coming year.


About Bex Bailey

Proud feminist. 50% success rate for Labour NEC elections. Campaigner. Labour Women's Network committee member. Co-operative Party member.
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