NEC report: January and February 2015

As with most members, my focus at the moment is on campaigning to win the general election. I’ve been campaigning in Cambridge, Harlow, Ilford North, Stroud, Gloucester, Kingswood, Ilford North (again) and Ealing Central and Acton and attending phone banks.

It has been great to join young members out campaigning across the country and to help with Labour Students’ ‘Team Fightback’ initiative.

On the NEC I have continued to try to improve Labour’s sexual harassment policy. There is now a complaints procedure in place, following the work I did with other NEC members on the working group, but I believe it should be much stronger and more easily accessible to members, many of whom still do not know how to report incidents or what will happen if they do. I have gone back to the party with a number of questions about the new procedure and ideas about how to strengthen it.


About Bex Bailey

Proud feminist. 50% success rate for Labour NEC elections. Campaigner. Labour Women's Network committee member. Co-operative Party member.
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