All-women shortlists are working – and the evidence proves it

I wrote this for LabourList after reading some great research into all-women shortlists.

I joined the Labour Party because I want a more equal society. That includes equal representation for women in Parliament. So far the only thing that has brought us close is all-women shortlists (AWS), yet they remain controversial. Recent research counters common arguments made by opponents of AWS, showing that the women it elects are more experienced and more active once in Parliament. Continue reading

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Labour needs to be brave about tackling harassment and bullying

One I wrote for LabourList today, as the NEC elections draw to a close.

On Friday, after eight months of campaigning, Labour’s hard-fought NEC elections will close. I launched my campaign by highlighting the cultural problems we face as a party and the steps we need to take to ensure everyone feels welcome and able to get involved. The past eight months have shown why that is so necessary. Continue reading

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Labour must fight women’s corner in EU negotiations

As Tories like Michael Gove prepare to pull us out of the EU and the implications of Brexit are discussed, what’s missing from the debate is the impact it would have on women.

This comes as no surprise: women’s voices have been absent from the referendum since day one. But it is women who will fare worst from the fall-out and Labour must be there to fight our corner. Continue reading

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Fighting for members’ say in policy

The way politics works is changing. Too centralised and too London-centric, there is a real need for Labour to change too by opening up the way it makes policy.

Policy for all members Continue reading

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End employment tribunal fees and give women #access2justice

Coming forward to report sexual harassment is really hard. You worry you won’t be believed. You worry about ruining your career. Your mental health can suffer.

As if it wasn’t hard enough already, thanks to the Tories you now have to pay a £1,200 fee just to take a case to tribunal. I’m campaigning to end that.

access2justice2 Continue reading

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The Conservatives’ plans for higher education are the wrong approach

Here’s a piece I wrote for the New Statesman, which you can also find here

I want people to be able to go to the best university they can get into, not the best university they can afford.

Plans to allow universities to increase their fees depending on the quality of teaching will price the poorest students out of the best universities. This is further evidence that, for all their talk of improving life chances, the Tories will take every opportunity to hold the poorest back. Continue reading

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Has Labour stalled on women?

Labour is the party of equality. That’s why I joined, and I’m proud of what Labour achieved in government to make our society more equal. But we can’t neglect our own back yard. Continue reading

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