Labour must do more to tackle sexism within its ranks

Here’s a piece I wrote today for the Mirror, which you can also find here.

As government cuts hit hard, women are fighting back. Older women groups are forming action groups like Women Against State Pension Inequality. Younger women are leaping online to sign petitions. But very few women are joining political parties. Continue reading

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Adapt or perish

Here’s a piece I wrote for ‘The Argument’, which you can also find here.

The world is changing and political parties are failing to keep pace. Without action the result could be a generation excluded from decisions and parties that are struggling to survive. Continue reading

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Let’s make it easier for people from every walk of society to get involved in the Labour Party

I wrote this for LabourList today.

In government and in opposition, Labour’s purpose is equality. No-one with a membership card doubts that building a more equal society is what should be our guiding principle.

But we should be honest that our party can be guilty of not practising what it preaches Continue reading

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End of term NEC report

After three years as NEC Youth Rep, I’ve done one final ‘end of term’ report to show you what I’ve been up to. Here are 13 things I’ve done to deliver for members and make Labour more equal: BEX BAILEY END OF TERM NEC REPORT.

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February 2016 NEC report

In my final month as NEC Youth Rep I was proud to help support a new Young Labour group, campaign for great Labour candidates, speak out against cuts to student grants, speak to students at Nottingham University and co-chair our youth conference. You can find my February NEC report here: BEX BAILEY FEBRUARY NEC REPORT

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The culture of all parties, at all levels, needs to change

Here’s my latest LabourList article.

Political parties are complicit in putting young women off politics and it has to stop. That means changing our culture, stamping out sexism and supporting young women members to get involved.

Nearly half of young women say they want to volunteer, but the figure drops to 28 per cent when it comes to getting involved in politics. Continue reading

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Why I’m standing for Labour’s NEC

I’m standing to build a more equal Labour Party, where everyone has the opportunity to get involved. No one should be held back by their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, age or income. We need a fairer party, more for people outside London and a meaningful say for all in policy. You can read my leaflet for more information: Bex for NEC final print.

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