Young women have voting power. Now they need spending power

I wrote this for the i and it can be found here.

This week, in the UK, women will earn £2.5 billion (£2,647,736,923) in total less than men. That’s £176.50 for each woman in work. Continue reading

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Beating Donald Trump to Time magazine Person of the Year is just the start

Today I wrote for the Guardian. You can read the article in full by clicking here.

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Access to Justice

I’m over the moon that employment tribunal fees will be scrapped. Calls to helplines about sexual harassment are increasing but the huge fee means the number reporting it has fallen. The fees were clearly a deterrent to people who had legitimate claims to make and it’s great that no one will be priced out of justice now.

This is an issue I’ve been campaigning on (you can read my last blog post on it here and see my petition – signed by 69,000 people! – here). Thanks so much to everyone who got involved.

This is really fantastic news and all credit to Unison for taking on and winning this fight! The next step is to ensure that time restrictions on claims are extended, so those who have missed out on justice can now make retrospective claims.

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Forward, not back on women’s representation

The general election represented a welcome stride forward for the Labour party on women’s representation – but the job is far from done. Continue reading

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Labour is a pioneer in fighting sexism. That doesn’t mean there’s no sexism in Labour

Here’s a piece I wrote for the New Statesman today.

While we campaign against misogyny, we must not fall into the trap of thinking Labour is above it; doing so lets women members down and puts the party in danger of not taking them seriously when they report incidents.  Continue reading

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BBC Radio Sheffield: women’s rights at work

I was on BBC Radio Sheffield today discussing women’s rights at work, ahead of International Women’s Day tomorrow. You can listen to the discussion here: 

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Radio 4: NHS March

I was on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon talking about the NHS march and the important role of political protests. It was great to see so many people from across the country marching today. Marches are a way of expressing public opinion, drawing attention to a message and forcing the government’s hand. They have an important role to play – but we need a Labour government too! You can listen to the discussion here:

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