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In politics as in life, sexual harassment is a consequence-free crime

Here’s an article I wrote for the New Statesman, published today. Labour might as well copy Donald Trump’s winning ways and have its politicians “grab a woman’s pussy”.  So jokes Mark Steel. He needn’t worry – British political parties are … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it?

The Institute for Fiscal Studies yesterday published a report showing that the 18 per cent gender pay gap steadily worsens once women have children. Alongside better quality part-time jobs, affordable childcare, a living wage and equal pay audits, greater uptake … Continue reading

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Increasing access to HE – by acting before the age of three

At present, those that access university are, by and large, those that have had the opportunities in life. Official figures show that teenagers from the poorest families are half as likely to enter higher education as those who are more … Continue reading

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Too many men: The problem with all-male panels

This was co-written with Jacqui Smith. Many of us heading to Labour party conference this year received our passes in the post last week. A brief flick through the fringe guide and it is quickly clear that, once again, there … Continue reading

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Re-framing childcare

Tackling the cost of childcare is incredibly important. But we all need to change our narrative on it.

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Tackling the challenges faced by working women

Women are being routinely failed in their workplaces. According to the TUC, a woman in work today is earning 15.7% less on average than men. In spite of this, the Government has decided not to fully implement measures passed by … Continue reading

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All-women shortlists: the myths

The recent photo of an all-male government front bench has meant that all-women shortlists have once again been a topic of conversation, this time with suggestions from within the Conservative Party about whether they should adopt them. But the discussion … Continue reading

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Politics: A dirty word?

People feel like politics does not fit into their lives. It’s ‘irrelevant’ and ‘far-removed’: a dirty word. And when it comes to changing that perception politicians often don’t do themselves any favours. People love a scandal and Westminster gives them … Continue reading

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Fighting for gender equality in sport

Despite the fantastic achievements of our sportswomen, women’s sport remains an afterthought. The lack of coverage has more impact than unbalanced column inches. It impacts on women’s participation and has wider implications for women’s equality. Alongside health benefits, participation in … Continue reading

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