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The Conservatives’ plans for higher education are the wrong approach

Here’s a piece I wrote for the New Statesman, which you can also find here.  I want people to be able to go to the best university they can get into, not the best university they can afford. Plans to … Continue reading

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Speaking out against abolition of student maintenance grants

You can hear me making the case against the Tories’ abolition of student maintenance grants below here:

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What can the Labour Party unite around to win in 2020?

Today I spoke at the Young Fabians’ fringe event at the Fabian New Year Conference about what the Labour Party can unite around to win in 2020. You can read my remarks below. 

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Speech to Labour Party Conference 2015

I opened the debate on education and children at Labour Party Conference 2015. Here is the speech I gave: Education is the most powerful tool we have to change lives: giving us the skills we need to get good jobs and … Continue reading

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Increasing access to HE – by acting before the age of three

We need a higher education system that is open to all – regardless of where they are born, who their parents are and how wealthy they are. This means increasing social mobility through early intervention. At present, those that access … Continue reading

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How do we secure a future for young people?

I was recently invited to speak at a UNISON conference and here’s what I said: It is often said that young people are the future. While obviously true, what is missing from the debate is that young people are also … Continue reading

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Public speaking lessons

Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg has said that state schools should teach speaking skills as part of the national curriculum. Communication skills are essential when it comes to getting a job and many colleges and universities also conduct interviews when … Continue reading

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